29 States
7 Union Territories
1 Billion Records
14 Languages

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Apriori collects data for our India Voter Registration Roll directly from the India Electoral Authority for each administrative division. The data consists of all registered voters aged 18 years or older and contains over 1 Billion Records.

We parse, cleanse and normalize the data fields and also add various data elements based on information from India Post. Our database is the most complete and accurate set of India voter data available anywhere.

India Data Composition

Data in the India Voter Registration Roll consists of all registered voters 18 years of age or older from all States and Union Territories. It contains Government Issued ID number (EPIC number), name, relation’s name, address, age, gender, polling station name, postal code, and other administrative division fields, as well as geographic coordinates.

The EPIC number, or Electoral Photo Identity Card number, is a unique voter ID issued to each registered voter. EPIC numbers stay the same even when a voter changes location and re-registers in a new Constituency, which means that voter information is trackable over time and location.

India Data Enhancement

We compile data from Final or Draft Electoral Rolls as published by the corresponding Electoral Authority. Full addresses and postal codes are standardized and enhanced with additional government data from India Post. By combining official voter data with India Post data, we ensure accuracy and timeliness superior to that obtainable from the individual sources.

To increase the value of our database, data is aggregated between consecutive years, which allows tracking of more than 1 Billion Indian citizens through address changes, name changes and other updates to voter information.