Use Our Data to Identify and Verify Your Customers

Letting us focus on the nuts and bolts of data acquisition and conversion lets your experts focus on delivering quality products and value-added services to your customers.

Using Apriori International Data, you can cross-reference your datasets, determine the target audience or build a custom API solution.

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Start Using Apriori
Data on Day One

Just because data seems unreachable - doesn’t mean we don't have it.

With Apriori data, have confidence that you’re using the most recent datasets available from our trusted and reliable sources.

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Create your own API solution or just plug in our data to an existing one

We focus on data acquisition and processing, you focus on pleasing your customers.

Increase your international data outreach overnight with Billions of available records.

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Check the quality of your existing datasets and use Apriori data to add more value to them

We have names, addresses, ID numbers, DOBs, and geographical coordinates.

Find new customers, verify the existing ones and build new products with Apriori data.

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